Blueface Takes A Swing At Girlfriend Chrisean Rock As She Attacks Him On Hollywood Street

HipHop News Posted on August 2, 2022 at 9:21am

Blueface Takes A Swing At Girlfriend Chrisean Rock As She Attacks Him On Hollywood Street

And it's all on video.

Hollywood, CA – Blueface and his girlfriend Chrisean Rock got into a physical altercation in Hollywood on Monday night (August 1) — and it was all captured on video. In a clip shared by TMZ, the couple is strolling down the street when they begin to argue. Rock attempts to put in him in some kind of chokehold while telling him, “I hate you, my n-gga!”

As they stumbled down the street, Rock attempts to punch him but misses. At the 00:39-second mark, he takes a swing at her but fails to connect as he slips on the wet sidewalk and they both fall to the ground. Blueface then climbs on top of her and tells her to, “Calm down.”

He gets up and says, “Let me go. Stop following me” as Rock continues to walk behind him. That’s when things take another sharp left and Blueface swings at her again at the 1:40-minute mark. By this time, a small crowd has gathered and start filming. Rock rips Blueface’s t-shirt off and they keep taking jabs at each other until the video ends.

In a follow-up video from Blueface, he claimed they were fighting over her phone after he discovered she’s allegedly talking to several other men. Blueface went into great detail, accusing her of sleeping with a corrections officer at a New Orleans jail while showing off his shiner.

“Y’all shut the fuck up,” he began. “Y’all don’t know this whore. Y’all don’t know her. I barely know her. Went through her damn phone. She fuckin’ the CO at the damn jailhouse. She sending the CO the hotel, and he got a wife and she probably going to see this […]

“At the jailhouse in New Orleans. What kind of bitch? Like, what? You fucking with the CO?  You was in jail for 48 hours. What I wanna know is for real, how you gotta bail the bitch out and she fuckin’ the CO? Like he couldn’t give you a get out of jail free card?”

Rock can be heard denying the allegation, saying, “Why do you have to say I fucked him?” to which Blueface replied


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